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SoftIron launched HyperCloud

SoftIron launched HyperCloud
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SoftIron launched HyperCloud, a fully turnkey and supported Intelligent Cloud Fabric. HyperCloud is a fully integrated platform that eliminates the complexity of integrating the numerous independent hardware and software layers required to build and operate a unified private or hybrid cloud. It was created from the ground up by SoftIron in its own factories.  

HyperCloud fully automates the provisioning of storage, compute, networking, and infrastructure services using pre-integrated building blocks. As a result, a fully functional, multi-tenant cloud can be set up in as little as half a day and with less than half a rack, and it can scale almost infinitely. 

Kenny Van Alstyne, CTO of SoftIron commented, “Building and running clouds today is overly complex as engineers battle to integrate disparate layers of technology into a resilient, performant, and scalable solution. It was time to take a step back and architect an entire platform, from the ground up, with the single task of making cloud consumable. HyperCloud removes the complexity of integrating the many independent hardware and software layers needed to build a cloud into a unified purpose-built fabric.” 

The purpose of an intelligent cloud fabric is to provide stateless building blocks that are holistically designed and pre-integrated for assimilation by a distributed cloud orchestration control plane. This will significantly reduce the complexity of managing a resilient, multi-site hybrid cloud. With the help of these building blocks, adding more storage and/or computing resources is as easy as “plug and play.” As a result, creating a cloud architecture is drastically simplified, allowing operations teams to quickly give application owners and data users the ability to use and manage services invisibly across private and public resources. 

HyperCloud, which is independent of all public cloud providers, gives IT specialists the ability to create and manage highly complex hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures that function with a level of dependability, availability, elasticity, and serviceability that was previously only possible for hyperscale cloud builders with specialized knowledge and access to large engineering teams. Because of the modular design of HyperCloud, the ease with which new compute and storage resources can be added, as well as the out-of-the-box secure multi-tenancy capabilities, the cloud fabric can be scaled up or down just in time, preventing unnecessary over-provisioning and lowering costs. 

Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron stated, “Public Cloud is popular because it creates a consumption-based experience hiding the complexity of operating a resilient, elastic infrastructure, and the sheer brute force of engineering that is needed to accomplish it – historically, that’s only been possible at hyperscale. 

It’s a useful utility in your IT tool belt, but most organisations today want a hybrid model. Creating a complexity breakthrough required a totally new approach to deliver the first and only complete technology to be used specifically for building clouds. After a decade of innovation, HyperCloud realises that goal and will forever change expectations of how clouds can and should be built.” 

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