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Siemens Energy to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions with AWS Partner Network

Siemens Energy to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions with AWS Partner Network
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Siemens Energy, in a recent announcement stated that they are going to be a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), a global community of partners that offers program, resources, expertise to create, market, and sell consumer offerings.

As part of this expanded partnership, Siemens Energy has added its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) industrial cyber security solution to the AWS Marketplace, an online catalog that enables users to quickly identify, assess, and begin utilising AWS-powered software and services.

An integrated energy technology business with a focus on the full energy value chain created this MDR security product in the AWS Marketplace for the energy and utility industries. Siemens Energy’s MDR on AWS lowers the economic and technological obstacles to providing powerful, quick, all-encompassing cyber defence, which is something energy firms are working to safeguard physical infrastructure from growing cyber threats.

Leo Simonovich, Vice President and Global Head of Industrial Cyber, Siemens Energy, stated, “The energy transition relies on seamlessly connecting physical assets with digital technologies to foster innovation, reduce emissions, and improve efficiency, but this future depends on strong cybersecurity across the whole supply chain. Siemens Energy’s AI-driven industrial cyber monitoring and detection platform is purpose-built to help CISOs identify, prevent, and mitigate cyber threats to the energy sector’s digital business model. Energy companies at every scale can now access and integrate advanced cyber threat detection across their operating environment, leveraging AWS’s secure cloud platform to build and defend the foundation of a digital energy ecosystem.”

The industrial monitoring and detection solution from Siemens Energy safeguards vital infrastructure from cyberattacks, assisting in preventing supply chain disruptions in communities all over the world. Chief information security officers (CISOs) in the energy industry now can identify and stop attacks before they are carried out because to MDR’s technology and AWS’s capabilities.

For CISOs and industrial security analysts, secure cloud capabilities that can integrate digital applications and exploit sensitive data, including real-time monitoring and detection, add a crucial and affordable weapon to their defensive toolbox.

Jeff Miers, Director of Partners and Alliances, Energy & Utilities Business Unit at AWS, commented, “Cloud is accelerating innovation across the energy value chain and a key enabler to more resilient energy infrastructure. With the convergence we are seeing across operational technology (OT) and information technology, we are excited to expand our relationship with Siemens Energy through the AWS Partner Network to provide OT cybersecurity solutions purpose built for the energy and utilities market.”

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