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ShardSecure collaborates with Entrust to address data security issues 

ShardSecure collaborates with Entrust to address data security issues 
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ShardSecure and Entrust have formed a strategic technology partnership to provide cloud data protection to a growing market of enterprise and mid-sized businesses. The ShardSecure-Entrust collaboration, which is part of the Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program, ensures that data in cloud environments is adequately protected against outages, attacks, and other forms of data compromise. 

John Grimm, VP of Strategic Alliances at Entrust commented, “The ShardSecure alliance exemplifies how Entrust continues to leverage its trusted hardware security module (HSM) technology across a growing range of traditional and state-of-the-art data protection applications like ShardSecure’s microsharding. This partnership delivers advanced protection across our joint customer’ unstructured and structured data assets. 

Organizations today need to know that their mission-critical data is secure on-premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid deployments. Our partnership ensures robust defense-in-depth protection by establishing a root of trust for the protection of all cryptographic keys underpinning security.” 

ShardSecure’s unstructured data protection supplements Entrust’s structured data protection, resulting in a robust holistic solution that addresses a wide range of customer needs. The integration makes use of Entrust nShield HSMs via a PKCS #11 interface to provide secure at-rest encryption for the ShardSecure engine encryption keys. This ensures that encryption operations such as encrypting and decrypting are protected by the nShield HSM, adding a critical layer of security to a defense-in-depth strategy. 

ShardSecure’s software mitigates the impact of cloud-based ransomware, enables secure cold storage migration, and protects files at the file level. Its self-healing data assists businesses in maintaining high availability and data resilience in the face of outages, attacks, and other interruptions. ShardSecure’s mission is to keep data in the hands of its owners while assisting businesses in saving money on storage and security. 

Julian Weinberger, ShardSecure Field CTO stated, “We’re very pleased to be announcing this tech alliance. There is a growing need for strong partnerships that address the complexity and breadth of the data security challenges we’re facing today, and the ShardSecure-Entrust alliance does just that. The Entrust portfolio of hardware security modules, key management, and cloud security technology, combined with ShardSecure’s strong solutions for unstructured data, will bring greater data security and trust to the market. We look forward to growing this partnership in the coming months.” 

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