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SecureAuth launched Arculix for passwordless authentication

SecureAuth launched Arculix for passwordless authentication
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SecureAuth has launched Arculix, an access management, and continuous authentication platform. Arculix is powered by SecureAuth’s risk-based behavioral modeling engine, it offers end users a passwordless and frictionless digital journey. 

The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI/ML) to identify anomalous behavior and considers the level of assurance of an identity based on user, device, and browser trust. 

By ensuring the right digital identities have the right amount of access to the right resources and by removing the need to repeatedly ask users to re-authenticate, Arculix enables organizations to accelerate their Zero Trust initiatives. 

Mark Mahovlich, Vice President of Strategy and Execution, ICM Cyber, commented, “Arculix’s groundbreaking AI-driven behavioral modeling and device trust capabilities take identity and access management (IAM) to a new level of security and user experience with passwordless authentication. With Arculix we are helping our customers implement true passwordless and continuous authentication to mature their IAM programs and better secure their organizations.” 

If a customer chooses to use their current primary identity provider but needs to implement more sophisticated risk-based continuous authentication, it can be deployed as a standalone identity provider or can extend other IdPs, like Microsoft. 

Arculix creates a risk score at the beginning of the user’s journey when they log into a device. This score is then used to grant access to the user’s necessary resources, such as web apps, servers, and services, without having to deal with a different factor check. 

With adaptive workflows that step-up or step-down authentication based on overall risk, invisible multi-factor authentication (MFA) uses analytics to deliver a frictionless user experience. Risk is continuously re-evaluated in this method. 

Matt Ulery, Chief Product Officer, SecureAuth stated, “With Arculix, organizations can improve digital experience and productivity at a time when the identity has become the primary attack surface. Organizations can have simplicity without sacrificing flexibility, enable a Zero Trust approach, and leverage actionable threat intelligence and situational context to deliver the right user experience for the workforce and customers. Early adopters of Arculix within the financial and insurance industries have been able to improve user experience and reduce help desk costs while reducing identity attacks including fraud, account take over (ATO), and credential stuffing.” 

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