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SecureAge Insider Threat Protection
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SecureAge CatchPulse provides real-time threat detection by simply preventing all unauthorized applications, processes, or scripts from running. It assists organizations in staying one step ahead of unknown threats while providing a simple and intuitive experience for users of all levels, from novice home users to IT professionals. SecureAge Technology has introduced CatchPulse, formerly known as SecureAPlus. It is a proven malware prevention software with advanced AI, multiple cloud-based anti-viral engines, an easy-to-use ‘block first’ approach based on application control, and a new and improved user interface.

Dr. Ngair Teow Hin, Founder, and CEO of SecureAge commented, “At SecureAge we have always believed that people should not have to become cybersecurity experts to protect their devices and companies. While many AI systems can catch some threats, some of the time, CatchPulse is designed for the unknown – such as WannaCry and more recently REvil and Maze, which caught everyone off-guard. At SecureAge, we successfully protect governments, enterprises, and home users across the globe from being blindsided by malware attacks.”

SecureAge CatchPulse interface is designed to address the needs of varied customers. Non-tech savvy home users can leave Auto-Protect on for AI-assisted protection and cloud-based anti-viral engine support, whereas tech-savvy users can turn Auto-Protect off for interactive and informed decision-making via customized recommendations. Those with advanced knowledge can continue to delve into features for customized security.

The CatchPulse cloud management portal serves as a central hub for enterprise users to monitor security across all registered devices. The multi-layered dashboard displays the overall security status, saving power users time when navigating deeper features and functions.

When Auto-Protect is turned off or in the face of the unknown, tailored recommendations include informed security prompts to aid decision-making. Severity level indicators display the threat status with supporting references and Recommended Actions ensure users are well-informed when making decisions.

CatchPulse for Windows now comes in three versions. CatchPulse Lite is a slimmed version that includes the CatchPulse AI and antiviral engines for free. CatchPulse is a complete home version that includes the ‘block first’ approach based on application control and support for cloud-based anti-viral engines, whereas CatchPulse Pro is an enterprise version that includes the cloud management portal.

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