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Secure Delivery from Haystack Ensures Protection of Sensitive Data!

Secure Delivery from Haystack Ensures Protection of Sensitive Data!
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Haystack unveiled Secure Delivery, a feature that protects sensitive information from unattributed and unauthorized sharing and keeps internal information intact. The company offers four solutions including internal communications protected by Secure Delivery.  

Cameron Lindsay, CEO, and Co-Founder, Haystack,stated, “Taking an email out of context can be disastrous. Leaking company information can be even more damaging. Organizations can now rest assured they’ve gone the extra mile to prevent internal communications from being shared haphazardly. With Haystack, organizations can communicate more transparently and confidently with their internal teams and not worry that info can be copied/pasted. Our design also deters screenshots by digitally painting content with viewer-specific watermarks.” 

Every company has confidential information i.e., it cannot be distributed to the public, and henceforth engineers of Haystack made a system that needs authentication before specific content gets viewable. Haystack’s proprietary technology enables company management to get reassurance that their data, be it executive memos, fundraising announcements, financial documents, HR policy updates, or news about mergers and acquisitions cannot be shared outside approved channels. 

Secure Delivery also makes it virtually impossible for employees to share accidentally as they have designed sensitive communications for that. 

Secure Delivery from Haystack is an innovative platform that works as a hub where employees access important announcements, know more about the firm, and connect with their colleagues. Haystack got SOC 2 Type 2 & ISO 27001 compliance this year only, giving reassurance to hiring managers, and executives that confidential information including data, is nurtured with the utmost security and care. Co-Founder Haibo Zhao’s product thinking at Google and Snapchat inspired the security focus of Haystack. 

On average, around 98% of employees at Haystack’s early adopters are nerdwallet, Chime, and Novo that use Haystack every month for internal communication and knowledge management inside their offices. 

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