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Satori Added Features to Boost Data Security

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Satori announced the launch of two new data access workflow features, the Satori Data Portal, and Satori for Slack, as well as the availability of Satori on the AWS Marketplace, to accelerate secure data accessibility. The Data Portal and Satori for Slack will enhance productivity by cutting the time and resources needed, request, secure, and approve access to data. These new tools eliminate risky and insecure workarounds like co-worker credential sharing or default-to-know access by removing friction around data access approvals.

Traditional data access solutions range from manual ticket-based workflows using obsolete spreadsheets to bulky bureaucratic procedures taking weeks. A recent survey predicts that 75% of data engineers and architects are working on data democratization as a priority.

Yoav Cohen, CTO of Satori commented, “Our core mission is to enable companies to deliver data-driven value quickly. To do that, secure data access needs to be the easiest way to get to the data that you need when, where, and how users want it. These new features were built for the data consumers, analysts, engineers, and business users – making secure data access seamless and non-disruptive.”

Satori for Slack and Data Portal meets this business need by transitioning from manual ticket-based workflows and outdated spreadsheets to a fully automated solution, with Satori driving secure data sharing. The new Data Portal allows users to conduct their searches for datasets and then request access based on the type of data required and the nature of the activity.

Slack allows employees to manage their entire data access workflow from their Slack workspace. Users are instantly credentialed once access is granted, and access is governed by policies configured on the Satori platform. To ensure that the security and compliance requirements are met, the entire end-to-end process is constantly audited and monitored.

Data-driven businesses use Satori to automate data access workflows and simplify data access processes. Data owners and security teams can easily approve and control access to datasets across any platform by approving temporary or permanent data access. This process enables users to request and access data more quickly than ever before to gain insights and make informed decisions, while engineers can focus on what they do best.

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