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Sage Announces an Expanded Partnership with Microsoft

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Sage, a leading provider of accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), recently expanded partnership with Microsoft to help companies simplify workflows and boost productivity. The revelation includes plans to embed services from Microsoft Business Products, such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365, into Sage products and the Sage Digital Network.

Businesses depend notably on the flexibility and productivity improvements that the cloud offers as SMBs navigate a digital environment. This collaboration helps Sage provide clients with a selection of cloud platforms, as well as the capability to interact and collaborate where work is done, promoting business flow and making it easier for them to conduct business.

Steve Hare, CEO, Sage, said, “Increasingly SMBs are digital businesses – but connecting the tools they use can be a barrier to their success. The widespread issue they face is connecting the tools to manage their business in a simple and productive way. Microsoft products have long been the tool of choice for collaboration, with Sage powering the back office. Through our expanded partnership, we will simplify life for millions of SMBs, removing friction and helping them to achieve real productivity gains.”

The expanded partnership will offer the following features:

Simplification: Integration between the two systems is essential for SMBs today, especially with Sage serving as a system of records for everything from financials to people to payroll, and Microsoft 365 serving as the de facto option for millions of businesses worldwide. Linking Microsoft 365’s communication and collaboration tools to back-office tasks like accounting will streamline workflows and cut down on manual processes, saving businesses time.

Productivity: In order to help SMBs be more productive and enterprises more flexible, Sage and Microsoft aims to work together to create optimized digital work experiences with exceptional performance and reliability. The ability to upload and download data between Microsoft Excel and Sage will enhance workflows, governance, and security as data becomes a more strategic asset for enterprises.

Improved Reliability: As a part of Sage membership, customers will experience increased dependability, security, performance, and scalability thanks to Sage Products on Azure. End users will be able to access virtual apps and desktops, Microsoft OneDrive, and SaaS apps on their devices with a single sign-on (SSO).

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