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RepRisk announces the availability of ESG risk Data!

RepRisk announces the availability of ESG risk Data!
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RepRisk has announced that its ESG risk data will be available through Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub, which is powered by the Crux data integration platform and is now in public preview. Businesses will be able to access and integrate RepRisk data smoothly into their systems, as well as use Google BigQuery technologies to develop relevant data insights.

Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud stated, “Having seamless access to ESG risk data is critical to business strategies today. With its datasets now available on Analytics Hub, RepRisk is enabling customers with rich ESG data that, when used alongside Google Cloud capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics, can power data-driven insights across their organizations.” 

RepRisk is a Switzerland based company that was founded in 1988. This company is a pioneer in ESG data science, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with human intelligence to evaluate public data and detect serious ESG risks. It carries expertise in 23 languages and coverage of 190,000+ public and private firms and 50,000+ infrastructure projects, RepRisk’s flagship product, the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive due diligence database on ESG and business performance risk-based issues.

Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RepRisk said, “Alternative data is extremely important in driving responsible financial decision-making and ushering in greater transparency, which is why RepRisk is thrilled to partner with Google Cloud to integrate our ESG data for their Analytics Hub. As a pioneer in ESG data, RepRisk has been using AI and machine learning since day one to build the largest dataset on ESG risks. This has provided allocators of capital with more in-depth and holistic ESG insights, and today, users of Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub can seamlessly access, integrate, and leverage our data throughout their operations.”

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