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Red Hat introduced Application Foundations

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Red Hat Application Foundations will help facilitate the acceleration of containerized application development and delivery in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Red Hat Application Foundations will be a toolkit for organizations seeking to rapidly build and integrate application and data services as part of their application and infrastructure modernization strategy. It is a collection of interconnected application services that work in tandem with Red Hat OpenShift.

Ken Johnson, vice president and general manager of Application Services at Red Hat commented, “Application development is undergoing significant change and developers need tools to support this transformation. We designed Red Hat Application Foundations with a developer-centric mindset, created to work seamlessly with Red Hat OpenShift to easily employ and deliver cloud-native applications, resulting in a simplified process to deliver a greater business value.”

OpenShift is a unified, security-focused hybrid cloud application platform that enables innovation. It provides a foundation for modernizing existing applications, developing cloud-native applications, streamlining development, adding intelligence to applications, and integrating third-party services, powered by containers and Kubernetes. Developers with a wide range of technical skills can feel empowered to create sophisticated applications using the OpenShift. It not only modernizes existing applications and supports new cloud-native development, but it also provides intelligence and data services for cloud-native apps.

Red Hat Application Foundations provides a toolset of major application services to developers, including high-performance data streaming platforms, frameworks, API management, service connectivity, and lightweight runtimes. As a result, development teams can modernize their applications with scalability, agility, and extensibility.

These components strike a balance between flexibility and compliance, allowing developers to choose from various self-service tools and services. Red Hat Application Foundations along with the OpenShift can be used with software from technology ecosystem partners and in-house developed capabilities to assist organizations in developing the right applications to meet their business objectives.

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