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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Market Insights on Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) for Zero Trust Network Security

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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announces the addition of the “Market Insights: Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) for Zero Trust Network Security, 2020” report.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announces the addition of the “Market Insights: Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) for Zero Trust Network Security, 2020” report to their strategic technology research offerings.

Software Defined Perimeter is an approach in network security that safeguards user access to application and information irrespective of the location, time and nature of the device used. Software Defined Perimeter follows zero trust approach, wherein the default network security posture is that of deny. Access is granted upon authenticating and authorizing both user and device. By pre-authorizing users and devices prior to making the application layer access (applications and resources), SDP protects enterprises from a range of attacks, such as denial of service, credential theft, server exploitation, connection hijacking and APT/Lateral movement. Unlike security models that work at the network layer, SDP works to the application layer. It provides granular control for secure communications directly from the user and device to the application.

Software Defined Perimeter technology is emerging as an advanced network security solution for today’s complex, interconnected world. A Software Defined Perimeter isolates network services from the internet, allowing access only after successful authentication, and restricting connections to only pre-authorized services. Network assets are hidden from unauthenticated users, leaving attackers with no visible target. Software Defined Perimeter protects organizations by substantially reducing the attack surface.

An SDP solution includes functionalities for adaptive authentication, granular and contextual access control, separation of control and data plane, complete access visibility and audit, the principle of least privilege access, and masking of applications and resources to unauthorized users. The primary use cases for SDP solution includes application security in the hybrid IT, breach prevention and data protection, direct access to public cloud applications, effective BYOD and IoT security, secure privilege and third-party access to applications and compliance to ever-increasing global regulations.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SDP Market Insights research provides detailed insight into the SDP technology overview, Zero Trust Network Security overview, SDP characteristics, SDP architecture, market drivers & trends, and vendor landscape. The market insights include a detailed market recommendation for considering an SDP solution. The report also addresses the debate around VPN versus SDP solution.

Software Defined Perimeter Market Insights is a part of Quadrant’s Security & Risk Management practice.

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