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Progress MOVEit 2022 Offers Secured File Transfer

Progress MOVEit 2022 cloud secure file tansfer
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Progress MOVEit 2022 is a protected, automated Managed File Transfer (MFT) software that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Progress MOVEit 2022 includes a new Microsoft Outlook add-in as well as advanced security and usability features, making it easier for organizations to share sensitive files securely and intuitively.

Progress MOVEit 2022 enables users to securely transfer data and collaborate, all while improving business scalability and reducing IT burden. MOVEit’s portfolio has been improved.

PROGRESS MOVEit also comes as a Microsoft Outlook add-in, Users can now create and send files of any size, view and read status, recall files, and receive secure files without leaving their Outlook application on Windows, Mac, or the web. This new add-in is a significant improvement in terms of security, user experience, functionality, and deployment ease. It is deployable via the Microsoft 365 or Exchange admin center, and there is no client software to install or maintain.

SQL server compatibility will help organizations in performing critical tasks. MOVEit is a highly essential solution for organizations. It adds an extra layer of redundancy to MOVEit deployments, ensuring greater availability.

Expanded task run logging enables customers to select the number of task logs to retain. This is essential for troubleshooting situations where a task failure has occurred. Task run, file activity, and audit logs can now be exported from the Web Admin interface.

Stewart Bond, Director of Data Integration and Intelligence Software Research at IDC commented, “Those who routinely transfer financial, personal, and other sensitive data who are concerned about data security, accessibility, and compliance – while also maintaining control – need a strong MFT solution. Only then can they address these needs in a reliable and automated way while also eliminating data errors, reducing costs, and making transfers easy for both IT and end-users.”

MOVEit 2022 also supports Windows Server 2022 in Progress MOVEit Transfer and Progress MOVEit Automation, as well as expanded ICAP Anti-Virus/Data Loss Prevention compatibility in MOVEit Transfer.

John Ainsworth, EVP of Enterprise Application Experience Products, Progress stated, “As more enterprise employees create and share increasing amounts of sensitive content, the risk of a data leak, whether accidental or intentional, grows. With MOVEit 2022, users can manage all their sensitive data transfers between partners, customers, users, and systems from a single pane of glass, giving them complete visibility and control over where data goes and ensuring the highest levels of security.”

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