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Phosphorus announces partnership with EverSec Group!

Phosphorus announces partnership with EverSec Group!
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Phosphorus announced a collaboration with EverSec Group to expand IoT attack surface management. In order to fulfill the growing enterprise need for xIoT attack surface management and remediation capabilities, the two companies will jointly deploy a new generation of xIoT security solutions in the United States under the new alliance.  

“This exciting collaboration with a proven solution provider will allow us to expand our footprint and deliver cutting-edge xIoT security to more companies across the U.S.,” said Obbe Knoop, Chief Revenue Officer of Phosphorus. “EverSec’s proven expertise in the emerging security landscape is of great value to us as we gear up for record growth this year.” 

The world’s first and only automated security platform, Phosphorus’ Extended Enterprise xIoT Security Platform offers xIoT Attack Surface Management, xIoT Hardening and Remediation, and xIoT Detection and Response to the full spectrum of IoT, OT, and Network-connected devices, including both new and legacy devices. This makes it possible for big businesses to scale xIoT technologies—often millions of devices per business—without needing to hire more staff to safeguard them. 

About Phosphorus and EverSec Group! 

Phosphorus Cybersecurity, the foremost xTended Security of ThingsTM platform was created to secure the constantly expanding and frequently unmonitored Things across the enterprise xIoT environment. In order to provide enterprise xIoT security to every cyber-physical Thing in the company environment, the Extended Enterprise xIoT Security Platform offers Attack Surface Management, Hardening & Remediation, and Detection & Response. 

Around 200 clients wherein most of them are the biggest brand names in the world, rely on EverSec Group as their trusted security expert. To secure the security of its targeted environments, EverSec assists the Network/Infrastructure Security, Cyber, IR, InfoSec, and Security Operations Center teams across those customers. 

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