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Phison Electronics and Cigent Technology announces a partnership program!

Phison Electronics Corps and Cigent Technology announces a partnership program!
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Phison Electronics Corp and Cigent Technology announces a partnership program, Cigent Secure SSD Ready. Through this strong alliance, Cigent’s built-in cybersecurity enhancements are embedded into a subset of Phison storage devices and controllers. Phison’s storage partners can easily activate these features and offer them as an option to their customers and global channel partners.

Sebastien Jean, CTO, Phison said, “We couldn’t be more excited about our exclusive partnership with Cigent to equip selected Phison products with the most secure storage solution on the market. Phison OEM partners and PC OEMs now have a turnkey solution that provides unparalleled storage-based data security across the entire storage ecosystem/PC supply chain.”

Phison and Cigent have closely collaborated to embed security protections directly into the storage device, guarding against all known attacks. The critical features of the Cigent Secure SSD Ready firmware include secured portions of a drive that are rendered unreadable and thus invisible at the sector level. The keys derived from user-supplied credentials are always stored in their final form and have the maximum length allowed. Furthermore, Keep-Alive heartbeat detects and automatically hides data if security software is disabled. The Firmware is responsible for storing secure data access logs that cannot be changed or erased. Also, True EraseTM data destruction verification ensures that all data has been completely erased. The Dual-Mode provides two distinct drives on a single SSD, as well as the ability for independent operating systems to be completely invisible to each other at the BIOS level, resulting in a secret and secure drive that adversaries cannot access or even know exists. The cloud-based management console from Cigent allows for enterprise-wide data security, zero-trust data security controls, and integration with existing security solutions.

John Benkert, CEO of Cigent Technology said, “Our alliance with Phison makes it easy for Phison’s storage partners to deliver next-gen data security to customers that require enhanced endpoint data protection in order to defend sensitive information from today’s increasingly sophisticated threats.

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