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Perception Point Releases Perception Point Advanced Browser Security to Detect Web Browser Threats

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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Perception Point Advanced Browser Security is a new web security solution from Perception Point that adds enterprise-grade security to native Chrome and Edge browsers. Perception Point Advanced Browser Security combines patented browser security technology powered by Hysolate, a next-generation web isolation platform acquired by Perception Point in March 2022, with the company’s unrivaled multi-layer detection engines.

“Digitization, hybrid work models, and the shift to SaaS and web-based applications have made the browser a prime target for attackers who use malicious websites and file downloads to breach organizations. In parallel, malicious insiders and third parties can easily extract data from web-based enterprise apps which lack the necessary security controls. With the addition of Perception Point Advanced Browser Security, customers of all sizes can now protect their web browsers alongside email and other cloud collaboration apps from one platform, designed to provide the accuracy, speed and scale they require to reduce breaches, lower total cost of ownership, and provide the best user experience”, said Yoram Salinger, CEO, Perception Point.

This combination enables unprecedented isolation, detection, and remediation of all malicious web threats, including phishing, ransomware, malware, APTs, and more, while also securing access to sensitive corporate apps via an isolated, trusted Chrome or Edge browser – preventing data loss (DLP) by design on both managed and unmanaged endpoints.

Perception Point Advanced Browser Security is easily deployed and managed from the cloud via a browser extension or a light agent on PC or Mac. There are no additional costs for cloud infrastructure or data centers.

Customers will experience fewer breaches and data loss, and a better user experience. They can easily browse the web, use SaaS applications, and access privileged corporate apps confidently, and securely.

Customers of Perception Point also get a fully managed Incident Response service that manages all incidents and optimizes detection engines. This all-inclusive service significantly reduces the need for SOC team resources, cutting the time required to mitigate web-borne attacks by up to 75%.

Tal Zamir, CTO of Perception Point and former founder and CTO of Hysolate, said, “Our customers want to be able to leverage the latest standard browsers while significantly upgrading their web security to include better, deeper, and earlier threat detection, built-in data loss prevention, and strong threat isolation, all of which dramatically reduce the attack surface. Perception Point Advanced Browser Security transforms the security of organizations’ Chrome and Edge browsers, while supporting full compatibility with the web and the Microsoft and Google ecosystems, all without changing the way people work and without slowing them down.”

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