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Palo Alto Networks introduces enhancements in Prisma SASE 

Palo Alto Networks introduces enhancements in Prisma SASE 
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

To securely enable work-from-anywhere, Palo Alto Networks released Prisma Access 2.0, the most comprehensive cloud-delivered security platform in the market. Prisma Access 2.0 introduces critical enhancements, including self-healing infrastructure for optimal experience, ML-powered security to help prevent attacks in real-time, cloud SWG capabilities for a secure web gateway regardless of user location, and a reimagined cloud management experience, in response to the ongoing need for work to be done securely everywhere with no compromise on speed, security, or performance. 

Anand Oswal, senior vice president, and general manager, of Firewall as a Platform, Palo Alto Networks said, “Remote work is now a critical long-term strategy for most organizations globally. As such, secure access to all apps with an optimized user experience has become a business necessity. To achieve this, organizations have to rethink their security architecture and move towards a cloud-delivered security model that can connect any user, to any application, from anywhere.” 

A new cloud management experience is one of Prisma Access 2.0’s most significant performance, security, and management upgrades. By introducing a cloud-based management experience that outperforms the competition by offering real-time security updates and best practices, Prisma Access 2.0 ensures the best possible security outcomes. Additionally, it offers a brand-new autonomous Digital Experience Management (DEM) where Prisma Access 2.0 can provide a self-healing architecture that automatically fixes network issues, assisting in ensuring an outstanding digital experience for distant workers. 

Another improvement is the new ML-powered security, where Prisma Access 2.0 uses inline machine learning to stop unknown, zero-day attacks in real-time, and the new cloud secure web gateway (SWG) capability, where Palo Alto Networks has added an explicit proxy to the Prisma Access Cloud SWG — so users can easily switch from legacy proxy-based solutions to a full cloud-delivered security platform without the need for network architecture changes. Customers can quickly upgrade to a more secure connection method in Prisma Access over time, protecting not just the web but also all apps, ports, and protocols. The final improvement is the platform support for CloudBlades API-based third-party services integration across the SASE solution. The first RBI services from top manufacturers to enable remote browser isolation are made possible by CloudBlades in Prisma Access 2.0. These services are qualified third-party security and infrastructure services that can be quickly and simply integrated. 

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