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OTAVA has launched Security as a Service to protect users from all attack vectors 

OTAVA has launched Security as a Service to protect users from all attack vectors 
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

OTAVA introduced Security as a Service (SECaaS) for companies that require additional resources or expertise to maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity practice. OTAVA’s Security as a Service solutions cut through the noise of automated alerting to protect against all attack vectors. 

The multi-cloud service provider OTAVA has a proven track record of helping its clients build business resilience. Its team of professionals has years of experience helping clients with their compliance and data protection needs, as well as mitigating breaches, resolving incidents, and supporting data recovery. The data centers run by OTAVA have a strong, integrated security focus and compliance framework to safeguard their clients from ransomware and other nefarious viral attacks. 

TJ Houske, SVP of Technology, Operations, and Engineering, OTAVA stated, “Cyber threats continue to escalate, so we have tapped into our deep expertise in security and regulatory compliance to help businesses overcome their increasing technical debt and alert fatigue. We act as an extension of our customers’ teams to immediately improve their cybersecurity posture so that they can thrive with the knowledge that their businesses are protected by top experts with the most advanced technologies. 

Many providers offer undifferentiated out of the box solutions, but OTAVA stands out for tying its technical expertise to a deep understanding of individual customer needs. Our new Security as a Service solution provides an invaluable benefit in today’s difficult business climate – the ability to stay protected while operating at full speed, pursuing their goals.” 

OTAVA has now expanded its security solutions portfolio to provide a timely and valuable managed service that provides clients with robust security at every layer. 

OTAVA’s security and compliance experts assess customers’ business environments and challenges and recommend the best solution. To accomplish this, each customer alert is processed by AI software, after which the data is overlaid with human expertise and presented with meaningful, actionable information that reveals the customer’s current security posture, compliance roadmap, and ongoing protection. 

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