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OneSpan launched Virtual Room for identity and authentication security

OneSpan launched Virtual Room for identity and authentication security
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

OneSpan has launched its secure Virtual Room cloud service, enabling businesses to provide live, high-touch assistance to their customers in a high-assurance virtual environment. This customer engagement solution enables organizations to balance identity security, authentication, and e-signature solutions from the larger OneSpan portfolio with a high-assurance virtual experience.  

Matthew Moynahan, President, and CEO at OneSpan commented, “Today, businesses requiring a high degree of security and regulatory compliance rely daily on a variety of technologies that use insecure, shared links and expose users to elevated risks including data breaches and compliance violations in the anywhere economy. This should not be the case. Organizations and their customers want to be confident that the person joining a virtual meeting is the person they claim to be. And multi-million-dollar business agreements transacted digitally should not be subject to fraud fallout.” 

Virtual Room enhances digital-first transaction experiences by giving businesses the chance to design individualized, high-touch, human-assisted interactions, as well as by enhancing customer satisfaction, raising agreement completion rates, and lowering fraud and security risks. 

OneSpan’s history in high-assurance identity verification and authentication, along with agreement co-browsing, web-enabled videoconferencing, rich collaboration features, and built-in e-signatures, are just a few of the ways that Virtual Room enables businesses to interact and conduct business with customers in a secure manner. Account opening and maintenance, wealth management, and auto financing are just a few of the high-value customer agreements that can be handled by Virtual Room. 

The development of cloud technology has made it possible for organizations to embrace a new way of working that is more distributed, virtual, and dynamic. Virtual Room serves as a secure solution for customer-facing digital agreements where the integrity of the agreement is paramount. With the advent of the anywhere economy and an increase in online transactions, identity verification and authentication technologies are essential to the execution of digital agreements. 

Organizations can increase the integrity and completion rates of agreements and transactions in a highly secure and protected ecosystem by using this purpose-built, high-assurance digital agreement solution, which also includes identification and authentication capabilities, without sacrificing user experience or productivity. 

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