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Onapsis Assess Baseline to Safeguard SAP

Onapsis SAP cybersecurity
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Onapsis Assess Baseline facilitates businesses of all sizes to accelerate time-to-value by simplifying deployment with a new SaaS-based, zero-footprint model and focusing on a core, targeted set of critical vulnerabilities as the first steps on their journey to ensure SAP application cybersecurity, compliance, and availability. When organizations are ready to expand, Onapsis Assess Baseline provides a simple expansion to additional scope for vulnerability management, as well as capabilities for continuous threat monitoring and application security testing.

Onapsis launched Onapsis Assess Baseline, a new offering that helps organizations jumpstart their SAP vulnerability management programs by better aligning with the SAP Security Baseline. Organizations must re-evaluate how they secure their most critical systems considering the exponential growth of targeted ransomware and the increased threat of cyber warfare as a result of global conflict. Companies are struggling to keep up with the growing number of vulnerabilities exploited by threat actors to gain access to their business-critical applications as the threat landscape evolves and becomes more aggressive.

Mariano Nunez, CEO of Onapsis stated, “Securing business-critical applications have always been challenging, but there’s a larger bullseye on the backs of organizations today – more than ever before – as sophisticated threat actors increasingly target Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. We have successfully helped the world’s largest and most sophisticated organizations integrate their business applications into their cybersecurity and compliance programs. Now, Assess Baseline makes it easy for customers who are getting started with their SAP application security programs to jumpstart quickly and effectively protecting the applications that power their businesses.”

Key organizational advantages of Onapsis Baseline assessment include reduced implementation costs through faster deployment.  Assess Baseline provides quick deployment and implementation with zero footprint scanning, whether in their cloud, on-premises, or via Onapsis’ SaaS platform. Users can scan with Assess Baseline against the SAP-recommended security baseline requirements for an organization’s SAP systems within hours, resulting in a faster time-to-value for SAP vulnerability management. The scans provide powerful context about critical vulnerabilities, mitigation instructions, and assurance that patches were applied, saving valuable resource time.

Steve Biskie, national ERP risk, and automation services leader with RSM US LLP said, “Today’s threat landscape requires a holistic approach to securing business-critical SAP applications such as ERP software. It is exciting to see Onapsis continuing to innovate its solutions to assist companies on their security maturity journey. The new Baseline license can help pave the way for more organizations to have an entry point into vulnerability management for SAP applications that could help keep their critical data and applications safe and compliant.”

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