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NS1 DNS Insights enables network teams to troubleshoot misconfigurations 

NS1 DNS Insights enables network teams to troubleshoot misconfigurations 
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

DNS Insights by NS1 improves reliability, real-time analysis, and cost control by collecting DNS and network metrics at the edge to empower networking professionals as they troubleshoot and optimize infrastructure at scale. 

DNS Insights arrives at a critical juncture in network observability. According to a recent survey of network professionals conducted by EMA and NS1, 43.3% of respondents reported that DNS logs have become more important to collect — but more than 20% of respondents report that their observability solutions suffer from a lack of insights, poor scalability, and high costs. 

Shannon Weyrick, VP of research, NS1 “Modern networks need to provide flawless and secure connected interactions to billions of users and tens of billions of devices. To do this, it is essential that networking professionals have the ability to observe and dynamically adjust for constantly changing conditions. 

DNS Insights makes it easier for network teams to troubleshoot misconfigurations, detect DDoS attacks, and identify potential areas of optimization.” 

Network professionals are under more pressure to maintain and secure their environments as the number of devices and applications rises. 

While other DNS service providers only provide customers with raw DNS log data or a cursory analysis of DNS data, NS1’s DNS Insights inspects each DNS interaction with its platform to gather and analyze more than 50 DNS and network metrics. 

The solution uses open-source Orb network observability project technology to deliver real-time results as a curated data feed without the expense or time typically associated with gathering, storing, and analyzing enormous amounts of data. 

Customers can integrate OpenTelemetry with both new and pre-existing observability stacks thanks to support from the company. Users have the option of isolating data from specific edge agents or viewing high-level information about the top domains, error and response codes, query types, and much more. 

Additionally, NS1 provides Grafana users with a secondary dashboard template that is intended to highlight metrics for DDoS attack detection. 

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