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Neustar announces collaboration with Snowflake!

Neustar announces collaboration with Snowflake!
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An announcement was made by Neustar Inc., a TransUnion business, about the launch of Neustar Unified Identity in collaboration with Snowflake. It will be available natively on Snowflake Marketplace and give users access to enhanced identity resolution across the Snowflake Media Data Cloud without transferring any data outside of the platform. Through the Neustar Unified Identity application, Neustar developed the solution utilizing the Snowflake Native Application Framework, which is presently in private preview, with the aim of giving joint customers the privacy-enhanced data hygiene, enrichment, and collaboration capabilities they need to prosper in a privacy-first marketing world.  

Bill Stratton, Global Head of Media, Entertainment, and Advertising Vertical at Snowflake said, “Neustar Unified Identity will allow our joint customers to accelerate and secure their data collaboration initiatives by leveraging the speed, scale, and performance of Snowflake’s platform. We believe this new application will empower customers to more quickly and seamlessly unlock data for business value. Neustar’s decade of experience in identity resolution and advanced machine learning ensures joint customers’ most pressing identity management and data governance needs are being addressed in our clean room.”  

By using identity resolution in the Snowflake Media Data Cloud with Snowflake’s clean room capabilities, Snowflake clients can use identity resolution in the Neustar Unified Identity application to safeguard and administer their consumer data assets. Additionally, they may create powerful privacy-enhanced data collaborations across the marketing landscape with brands and media partners and preserve accurate and enriched customer information with ongoing, real-time data upgrades. 

Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Products at Neustar, a TransUnion company said, “Brands and publishers need to enter into sustainable data partnerships to find new customer insights and connect the dots across marketing channels and devices. This partnership ensures that Snowflake clients can improve their consumer data quality while transforming their ability to collaborate with partners without sharing sensitive customer data. That’s a win-win in the privacy-first marketing and measurement future.” 

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