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NetSPI launched a blockchain penetration testing service  

NetSPI launched a blockchain penetration testing service  
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NetSPI has announced the launch of its new all-inclusive blockchain penetration testing solution. By combining decades of penetration testing knowledge with an awareness of the architecture’s unique security challenges, the company will give enterprises a comprehensive, full-spectrum review of blockchain-based deployments. 

Travis Hoyt, Chief Technology Officer at NetSPI commented, “As adoption skyrockets, technology and security teams will need to quickly develop their blockchain acumen to support and protect these solutions – this begins with identifying and addressing people, process, and technology gaps. Our new blockchain penetration testing service line demonstrates NetSPI’s commitment to be relentlessly future-focused, so our customers can be too.” 

Its blockchain penetration testing services can assess all deployment models, including private, permissioned, consortium, and public, as well as numerous distributed ledger technologies like as ConsenSys Codefi, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, custodial platforms, and public chains, among others. Enterprises that are actively utilizing or assessing the potential of blockchain can collaborate with NetSPI to improve the security of their deployments. 

The Forbes Blockchain 50 2022 stated, “Blockchain’s biggest innovations are below the surface. The world’s largest organizations are now using distributed ledger technology to manage daily operations, from verifying insurance claims to tracking auto parts in the supply chain. Organizations are recognizing the scalability, competitive advantages, and revenue opportunities it presents.” 

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