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Mirantis Announces the Release of Lens Pro

Mirantis Announces the Release of Lens Pro
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Mirantis, a California-based B2B open-source cloud computing software and services company, launched Lens Pro with capabilities for enterprise users that streamline the developer experience while using Kubernetes. The features include on-demand live assistance, simple setup for container image scanning and vulnerability reporting, and a built-in local Kubernetes cluster.

By eliminating Kubernetes’ complexity, Lens helps in ensuring mainstream developer adoption. Using approved Kubernetes distribution on any infrastructure, Lens enables users to manage, build, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their workloads across numerous clusters in real-time. The Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems are all compatible with the user-friendly graphical user interface of the Lens desktop application.

The updated Lens Pro features are aimed at increasing development efficiency and improving user experience. It is also equipped to simplify the inner development loop, or the iterative process that a developer goes through as they write, build, and debug code.

Miska Kaipiainen, Vice President of Product Engineering, Mirantis, said, “Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto operating system for the cloud, but developers are still struggling to deal with its complexity – and that slows development of critical applications. Lens provides developers and DevOps practitioners with a single platform to develop and operate their workloads and environments.”

In addition to providing on-demand assistance, the Lens Desktop Kube feature enables quick setup of a local Kubernetes development environment. A virtual machine incorporated inside the Lens desktop program powers the development environment, giving developers a completely integrated solution for Kubernetes development of cloud-native applications.

“Lens users report saving eight hours per week on average. They can now use this time to innovate for their users and businesses”, said Adrian Ionel, CEO and Co-founder at Mirantis.

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