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Mirantis announced the acquisition of Shipa for extended management capabilities 

Mirantis announced the acquisition of Shipa for extended management capabilities 
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Mirantis has announced the acquisition of Shipa to add automated application discovery, operations, security, and observability to the Lens Kubernetes Platform. Lens helps eliminate Kubernetes complexity and accelerates mainstream developer adoption. It also empowers users to easily manage, develop, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their workloads across multiple clusters in real-time, supporting any certified Kubernetes distribution, on any infrastructure. 

Bruno Andrade, CEO of Shipa commented, “Our goal at Shipa, from the beginning, was to give DevOps and platform engineering teams the capability to choose their own underlying tools with a focus on automation to reduce the complexity of the technology infrastructure required by cloud-native applications. Our technology makes deployment and management of applications and updates much easier and faster by letting developers focus on what they do best and not infrastructure.” 

Shipa’s technology adds application intelligence and awareness to Lens, allowing Kubernetes app owners to run, optimize, secure, and support their apps from anywhere. Users can see how their apps and microservices are deployed with minimal effort, as well as a graphical view of network connections and maps of application dependencies. 

Furthermore, users can customize and share run books based on a library of certified templates for a variety of use cases and security requirements. 

Shipa, like Lens, reduces complexity by shielding developers from having to understand the intricacies of Kubernetes, allowing them to deliver and manage applications faster while improving security and governance and making updates easier. 

The engineering teams at Mirantis and Shipa are working on an integration with Lens Desktop, which is expected to be available in March.  

Ashmeet Sidana, Shipa investor, founder and chief engineer of Engineering Capital stated, “We were the first investors in Shipa’s vision of application infrastructure-as-code, and now, as shareholders in Mirantis, we can’t wait to continue our journey together. 

Mirantis has a terrific track record with acquisitions, and we believe Shipa is complementary to Mirantis’ vision of simplifying the Kubernetes developer experience – adding the observability and management of applications. We are looking forward to watching the combined vision come to fruition.” 

A consistent application of security policies from CI/CD or GitOps pipelines is made possible by the integration with Lens. Shipa offers transparency over a variety of application services, including ownership, resource usage, policy compliance, service communication, and more. 

Applications can be managed independently from the infrastructure thanks to integrations with Terraform, Slack, and GitHub Actions as well as connections to tools for incident management and vulnerability scanning. 

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