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Microsoft Azure Releases DDoS IP protection for SMBs

Microsoft Azure Releases DDoS IP protection for SMBs
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Microsoft is adding a new product targeted at small and medium-sized businesses to the Azure DDoS Protection family (SMBs). At Microsoft’s Ignite conference, the DDoS IP Protection for SMBs product was unveiled, and it is currently available for public preview.

The goal of DDoS IP Protection for SMBs, according to Microsoft, is to offer SMBs enterprise-grade DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection at a competitive price. Microsoft’s Azure DDoS Protection family now has two programs, DDoS IP Protection for SMBs and DDoS Network Protection for enterprises, thanks to the new product.

DDoS IP protection for SMBs can safeguard even a single public IP address. According to Microsoft, it provides the same services used by bigger organizations. Through constant monitoring and adaptive tuning intended to guarantee the application is always protected, the new product can assist businesses in defending against L3/L4 DDoS attacks. Additionally, all Azure users who use public IP addresses are safeguarded as a result.

Attacks classified as L3/L4 are DDoS attacks that are volumetric in nature. Network infrastructure is the target of an attack at layer 3, and transport layer infrastructure is the target of an attack at layer 4. The brand-new product provides workbooks, mitigation reports and flow logs, the Azure Sentinel data connector, traffic monitoring, automatic attack mitigation, and firewall manager integration.

Cost protection, a discount on the web application firewall, and rapid DDoS response support are all features of the product’s enterprise edition that are not present in the SMB grade. IP Protection can be turned on by SMBs using PowerShell or the Azure preview portal. With the help of integrations, Azure DDoS Protection provides real-time metrics, alerts, and insights with other Azure services.

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