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Microchip Launched Arm Cortex-M23 Microcontroller

Microchip IoT Security
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Microchip Technology launched a microcontroller that integrates a secure subsystem and Arm TrustZone technology into a single package. Microchip Technology is a leading provider of smart embedded control solutions, that are connected and secured. Its simple development tools and extensive product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs, lowering total system cost and time to market.

Security threats are becoming more complex, posing challenges to product development in the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer, industrial, medical, and other markets. It is needed that these products must have strong embedded security while also consuming little power to allow for longer battery life.

Rod Drake, Vice President of Microchip Technology’s 32-bit MCU business unit, stated, “With its integration of Arm TrustZone technology and Microchip’s secure subsystem in one package, the PIC32CM LS60 is an offering that the market hasn’t seen before. We believe this MCU’s security, ease of use, and low-power operation will be a powerful shift in implementing advanced security technology in IoT applications.”

The need for secured edge devices with high standards of protection has become critical as the IoT industry is rapidly growing. The PIC32CM LS60 enables developers to implement industry-proven security practices and countermeasures to protect against a wide class of known remote and physical attacks through its easy-to-use Arm TrustZone technology and the Common Criteria Joint Interpretation Library.

The PIC32CM LS60 integrates an enhanced peripheral touch controller with the Driven Shield Plus feature, which prevents false touches due to moisture and provides high immunity to noise. It also includes Event System and SleepWalking peripherals to keep the MCU core in sleep mode for extended periods to save power.

The MPLAB Data Visualizer and Power Debugger tools are compatible with the PIC32CM LS60 and can be used to monitor, analyze, and fine-tune power consumption numbers in real-time. This enables customers to develop low-power applications and bring extended battery-life products to market more quickly.

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