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McAfee Offers Personal Data Cleanup to Customers

Personal Data Cleanup
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McAfee Personal Data Cleanup provides consumers with visibility, continuous monitoring, and removal guidance to help them delete their personal data from the internet’s riskiest data broker sites and protect themselves from identity thieves, spammers, and hackers. McAfee introduced Personal Data Cleanup in the United States, the company’s newest privacy feature addition to its flagship product McAfee Total Protection.

Gagan Singh, Executive Vice President, Chief Product & Revenue Officer of McAfee commented, “Everyone should feel comfortable to live their lives confidently online as they bank, shop, communicate, game, work, and more. Data brokers are largely unregulated companies, and in the absence of U.S. laws to fully protect consumers, they are often left to fend for themselves. Personal Data Cleanup allows users another tool to take back some control of their personal information—where it lives online, who has access to it, and who can sell it—so they can feel more secure as they move forward in their digital lives.”

According to research, 59 percent of consumers have become more protective of their personal data in an increasingly virtual world. To address this growing concern, McAfee’s Personal Data Cleanup regularly scans data broker sites for information such as a home address, date of birth, and specific names of loved ones. McAfee will notify users of which of these sites are selling user data and will recommend action for removal, allowing consumers to feel more confident that their privacy is being protected.

McAfee Personal Data Cleanup offers all-around visibility and guidance to the users that they need to remove their personal data from over 40 data brokers and people search websites. Removing users’ information from data broker sites protects their personal information and that of their families from being collected, sold, and used to:

Product promotion, Spam email inboxes and provide criminals with the information needed to steal a user’s identity.

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