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Magnet Forensics Introduces Magnet IGNITE

Magnet Forensics Introduces Magnet IGNITE
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A provider of digital investigation solutions, Magnet Forensics, today released a version of Magnet IGNITE, a cloud-based screening solution that allows organizations to manage rapid, remote scans of target endpoints for malicious and insider behavior.

Adam Belsher, chief executive officer at Magnet Forensics, commented, “When enterprises suffer cyber-attacks, it is imperative that they react both quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime and the monetary and reputational damages that come with it. Magnet IGNITE is a strategic first step for enterprises to turn to in their post-incident plans that can provide a quick and early assessment to pinpoint the systems involved with malicious or insider activity. With this information in hand, security teams can save time and resources by only performing full forensic analyses on impacted endpoints.”

Magnet IGNITE is the very first product to emerge from the Magnet Idea Lab, a network of beta testers that enable the organization in developing the next generation of digital forensics technology. Magnet IGNITE has been tested by 263 people since March 2021. Professional service providers and Fortune 500 firms in the telecommunications, healthcare, and technology industries were among the participants.

The newly launched Magnet IGNITE helps remediate many remote endpoints at the same time, giving digital forensic and incident response teams an early case evaluation that will help them plan the next stages in their security investigations. Magnet IGNITE helps organizations determine where and when they need to execute full forensic studies by swiftly gathering intelligence and assessing a suspected cyberattack or an insider’s exfiltration of intellectual property.

The Managing Partner of CYBIR and Former President of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Michael Nelson stated,  “During testing, we immediately saw the value that Magnet IGNITE brings to data breach investigations. Data breaches can happen anywhere in the world and one of the most powerful features of Magnet IGNITE is that it allows us to investigate how they happened, the actions the threat actors took, and what data was exfiltrated, from any remote location. Our customers need these answers as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption and Magnet IGNITE has enabled us to provide them hours — and sometimes days — earlier.”

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