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Luma Health launched LumaBot a Web-Chatbot for Patients

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Luma Health launched LumaBot, the most comprehensive patient engagement platform and an actionable, EHR (electronic health record) integrated web-based chatbot, today at the ViVE 2022 conference. LumaBot enables patients to take the next step in their healthcare while relieving clinicians and staff of the burden of making phone calls.

LumaBot comprises Bot Library, which includes pre-built chat flow templates in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It also offers language support and fully customized chat flows. LumaBot enables any workflow offered by the Luma Health platform. LumaBot’s robust web presence adds to the platform’s versatility. 

Senior Product Manager at Luma Health, Angie Shin, said, “We designed the experience that we all want as patients — no jumping through hoops, waiting on hold, or spending time with a chatbot that has a cute name but doesn’t understand you. Patients want a simple way to get to the next step in the care journey, and LumaBot provides that.”

Luma Health leads LumaBot a complete Healthcare Engagement Engine, which enables patients to seek appointments, request medicine refills, complete screens, and intake paperwork, and much more. It’s compatible with more than 80 EHRs and saves staff time by writing details like appointment changes and form replies directly to the EHR.

LumaBot comprises:

  • Bot Library: a pre-recorded chat flow. 
  • Supports chat languages for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Bot Builder.
  • Bot integrates with electronic health record to source out data based on patient’s chat response. 

Luma Health’s co-founder and CTO, Aditya Bansod, said, “The beauty of the Healthcare Engagement Engine is the ability to design workflows for unique use cases using more than 25 out-of-the-box solutions and our underlying platform. LumaBot is an extension of that engine in a bot-sized package, so it is incredibly powerful out of the box and can also be customized for unique customer needs.”

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