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LogRhythm introduced new capabilities and integrations for its security operations platform 

LogRhythm introduced new capabilities and integrations for its security operations platform 
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LogRhythm has introduced a range of new capabilities and integrations for its security operations platform, LogRhythm Axon, designed to help analysts detect and respond to potential threats more efficiently. These updates include analytics and visualizations that provide greater visibility into potential security risks, as well as custom and pre-designed analytics rules specifically for MITRE ATT&CK detections.  

LogRhythm has also made improvements to its SIEM, UEBA, and NDR solutions, such as enhanced audit logging and new detection models for Windows systems, as well as improved blind spot detection and endpoint visibility. The goal of these updates is to simplify the work of security analysts and enable them to detect threats more quickly through improved visibility, data collection, and a more intuitive experience. 

Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm stated, “On a daily basis, we strive to empower lean and overburdened security teams with the most intuitive experience and contextual analytics. 

By continuously working to fulfill that mission and deliver innovation that matters to customers every quarter, we are delivering on our promise of helping customers quickly reduce noise and secure their environment so that they can concentrate on safely competing in the digital age where fast beats slow.” 

The improvements made this quarter cover the entire range of LogRhythm’s products, allowing SOC teams to detect and address threats more quickly while increasing analyst productivity and effectiveness. 

In addition, this quarterly rollout includes improvements and integrations with LogRhythm’s Axon, SIEM, NDR, and UEBA solutions. 

LogRhythm Axon 

• Custom and pre-defined analytics rules, including MITRE ATT&CK detection rules 

• The Markdown and Histogram widgets save time spent searching for data.  

• The Observation Workflow makes it simple to log observations raised by analytics. 

LogRhythm SIEM 

• A more efficient administrative workflow for collection reduces the time required to configure, deploy, and manage log sources that require Open Collector. 

• Improved audit logging makes it easier to monitor suspicious activity and identify when users make critical changes. 

• Updated and expanded LogRhythm’s supported log source library 

LogRhythm UEBA 

• New detection models for Windows systems to quickly uncover difficult-to-detect threats 

LogRhythm NDR 

• Integration with Microsoft EDR improved blind spot detection and endpoint visibility in LogRhythm NDR. 

• New configuration page makes it simple to import data from VirusTotal  

• Improved analyst experience through expanded UI enhancements 

Kish Dill, Chief Product and Customer Officer of LogRhythm commented, “This quarter, we are especially excited about the number of groundbreaking and enhanced capabilities coming to our market-leading solutions. 

“These enhancements and integrations have been curated with the goal of simplifying the lives of security analysts and enabling them to detect threats faster through seamless visibility, enhanced collection, and an intuitive analyst experience.” 

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