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Logpoint announced ChatGPT integration for SOAR 

Logpoint announced ChatGPT integration for SOAR 
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Logpoint has announced ChatGPT integration for Logpoint SOAR in a lab setting. It will enable users to test the capabilities of the AI-powered chatbot and learn how the technology can be applied in cybersecurity operations. 

Logpoint SOAR automates the investigation of security incidents and provides case management tools to assist analysts in automating incident responses. Logpoint SOAR includes a number of pre-configured playbooks as well as the ability to create custom playbooks for automating detection and response processes. 

Edy Almer, Product Manager for Threat Detection and Incident Response at Logpoint stated, “We’re excited to enable our customers to explore the possibilities of using technologies such as ChatGPT to reduce part of their workload. Staying up to date with technology innovations and trends is imperative to understand how we can continue to improve cybersecurity operations.” 

Customers can explore the potential of using SOAR playbooks with ChatGPT in cybersecurity due to the new Logpoint SOAR and ChatGPT integration. 

  • Saving time on breach reports: Using information from a SOAR playbook, ChatGPT can generate breach report drafts from attacks using information about the main timeline events of an investigation and the severity level. An analyst can then review and approve the drafts before the reports are distributed. 
  • Readable, succinct executive summaries: Long compliance report texts can be fed into a SOAR playbook so that ChatGPT can generate an executive summary of the key findings and suggested corrections that is simple enough for executives to read. 
  • Credible awareness training: The ChatGPT SOAR integration can automate some of the awareness training. ChatGPT generates phishing emails automatically, and the SOAR playbook extracts data from LinkedIn, enriches it with email addresses and connections from previous logs, and sends the phishing email to selected recipients, tracking how many click through and how many alert the phishing response team. 

Christian Have, Logpoint CTO commented, “Our customers are always interested in exploring new technologies, and ChatGPT is no exception. With our new integration, they can test whether the technology could reduce the time spent on an attack summary report, which is legally required in Europe, the US, and Asia, and potentially free up valuable time for security analysts.” 

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