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Laird Connectivity Launched Summit Suite for Device Protection

Laird Connectivity IoT Security
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Laird Connectivity launched Summit Suite, a new value-added software service with critical security features and services to reduce risks and threats throughout the product lifecycle. Laird Connectivity provides best-in-class wireless engineering services. Summit Suite enables Laird’s customers to streamline the device protection process. Customers can select IoT hardware from Laird Connectivity and combine it with multiple layers of security software and enterprise connectivity from a single source. Customers can manage all aspects of the security lifecycle by using the Summit Suite.

Dan Kephart, Senior Product Manager at Laird Connectivity commented, “Summit Suite is built on our expertise from decades of partnership with medical and industrial device makers. The goal of the Summit Suite portfolio is to simplify the process of protecting devices and give our customers the flexibility to choose the security features that are the right fit for their products and end applications.”

Summit Suite has four major components: FIPS Cryptographic Modules, Chain of Trust Device Security, Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation, and Secure Connectivity.

The FIPS Cryptographic Modules enable Laird’s customers to avoid building a FIPS solution from scratch. It saves years of learning, testing, and development time, as well as the 18+ months required to validate a FIPS module. Customers can enable Wi-Fi communications while also providing end-to-end TLS data-in-transit and data-at-rest for government agencies and private enterprises that require FIPS validated cryptography.

Chain of Trust Device Security eliminates the burden of developing a device security architecture, implementing new secure manufacturing processes, and developing a secure application for device image signing and key management. Laird Connectivity goes beyond industry standards to protect IP and user information. It reduces time to market by combining a device security architecture, large-scale manufacturing key programming, and a secure imaging signing service from a single source.

Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation ensures that the device hardware has a solution for BSP security lifecycle management from start to finish. Laird Connectivity provides long-term support for BSPs, as well as regular CVE scanning and reporting that alerts customers to known BSP vulnerabilities, as well as BSP vulnerability remediation and mitigation.

Summit Suite Secure Connectivity is an enterprise-grade software suite that unlocks the full Wi-Fi potential of select product families, such as the Summit 60, 60 Series SOM, Summit SOM 8M Plus, IG60, and future product lines. Laird Connectivity has proactively upgraded support from the current industry standard WPA2-Enterprise and TLS 1.2 to the next generation WPA3-Enterprise and TL 1.3, ensuring that the Wi-Fi security of these product families remains ahead of enterprise Wi-Fi network industry trends.

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