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Kudelski IoT Launched Secure IP

Kudelski IoT Security
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Kudelski IoT introduced the Secure IP portfolio, which provides semiconductor manufacturers with strong cryptographic capabilities when integrated into system-on-chip (SoC) products. Enterprises benefit from a diverse set of security services that are more powerfully integrated with hardware than software while also enabling compliance with most common industry security standards, such as NIST, FIPS, PSA, and SESIP Level 3 or higher.

Frédéric Thomas, CTO of Kudelski IoT, commented, “We see increasing regulation and demand for security in almost every IoT market, ranging from consumer IoT, automotive, industrial, telco, medical, and asset tracking. We foresee that regulation will require hardware IP in most SoC designs going forward, and through this launch, we are giving silicon manufacturers a head start on preparing for the coming wave of demand.”

Kudelski IoT Secure IP is a hardware security enclave that gives SoCs key features like a high-quality and robust random number generator, secure key storage, robust cryptographic algorithms, and countermeasures against side-channel attacks (SCA, DPA) and fault attacks (DFA). With a smaller footprint, it saves space in SoC designs and energy.

Secure IP also provides access to services and features that ensure the longevity and profitability of devices and solutions for SoC manufacturers, device manufacturers, and end users. It offers features like secure firmware over-the-air updates, remote feature authorization, advanced data encryption to ensure privacy, and zero-touch or in-field provisioning for secured and scalable operations.

In conjunction with Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, secure IP can be used to manage the device lifecycle and provide customers with a fully secure chip-to-cloud experience. Personalization, key provisioning in the factory and the field, secure firmware updates, and attestation are all part of the process, from IoT solution design to refurbishment. As a result, Kudelski IoT wholeheartedly supports the development of secure and long-lasting products that safeguard new business models, corporate reputation, and regulatory compliance.

Michela Menting, Digital Security Research Director at ABI Research, stated, “Silicon hardware-based security offers better protection from manipulation and interference than its software-based counterpart because it’s more difficult to alter or attack the physical device or data entry points.”

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