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Kovrr Launches Cyber-Sphere Within its Quantum CRQ Platform

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Kovrr, a leading provider of cyber risk quantification (CRQ) platforms, recently announced the release of Cyber-Sphere, a self-populating framework for the monetary quantification of cyber risk using asset groupings, which are collections of resources and devices with similar network topologies and operational roles. This will facilitate information sharing for CRQ analysis for large organizations with complicated corporate networks and give decision-makers in cyber risk management a more practical understanding of security posture.

Cyber-Sphere will provide CISOs a solid overview of a company’s security posture without sacrificing accuracy or needing as much data for the quantification. In order to provide an on-demand and customized cyber quantification assessment with an unparalleled level of depth into asset categories and business divisions, the Cyber-Sphere will display the key traits and attributes of an organization.

“Financially quantifying cyber risk is critical for large organizations. In order to do it properly, risk professionals need to perform these assessments continuously instead of quarterly or annually. Cyber-Sphere enables security professionals to routinely assess cyber risk in their organization and provides a view of the financial risk that aligns with the way a company actually operates, making it more understandable to key stakeholders like the C-suite and Board”, said Yakir Golan, CEO of Kovrr.

Some of the key features of Cyber-Sphere include:

Autonomous data integration: Automatic integration of major internal data sources, including asset inventories, internal security controls like EDR, SOAR, SIEM/SOC, and endpoint protection, into a single view of an organizational map.

Asset visualization: It will offer a thorough overview of all data kinds within a business, including internal and outside technologies, network architecture, configurations, legal compliance, and cloud environments and make it possible for businesses to divide their budgets more effectively between business units and asset groups.

Asset group financial quantification: It will help in communicating financial quantified cyber risk insights that range from a macro perspective of an organization’s exposure to extremely specific asset and security control level insights. Following this, organizations will be able to isolate asset categories and recognize their interdependencies.

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