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Kaspersky Wins the ‘Product Excellence Leader 2022’ Award in Threat Intelligence (TI) Management 

Kaspersky Wins the ‘Product Excellence Leader 2022’ Award in Threat Intelligence (TI) Management 
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Kaspersky is recognized as the ‘Product Excellence Leader – threat intelligence domain – 2022’ under the ‘Best Practice Program’ by InfosecurityOutlook, part of Sceptertech.Digital. The ‘Best Practice Program’ highlights industry leaders in various technology domains and recognizes their extraordinary performance.  

With a sophisticated threat intelligence platform, Kaspersky offers a comprehensive threat intelligence solution for tracking, analyzing, interpreting, and mitigating evolving IT security threats. The platform distills and prioritizes massive amounts of security alerts, improves, and accelerates triage and initial response processes identify critical alerts for the enterprise, and makes more informed decisions about which should be escalated to IR teams while constructing a proactive and intelligence-driven defense. Kaspersky’s primary product offerings include CyberTrace, Threat Lookup, and Threat Data Feeds which provide detailed information about each indicator and more in-depth analysis and perform deep searches into threat indicators with a highly validated threat context, allowing the organization to prioritize attacks and concentrate on mitigating the threats that pose the most significant risk.  

Sceptertech Digital evaluated various nominations and case studies from IT software vendors, end-users, and consultants to evaluate organizations’ leadership, solutions, technology, best practices, and the associated business impacts and values as part of the judging process. The primary aim of this evaluation is to benchmark vendors’ performance against their competitors and identify industry leaders. Evaluated by a panel of editors and industry experts, ‘The Best Practice Program’ celebrates exceptional solutions, teams, and organizations. 

  The award recognized Kaspersky as a clear winner in the Threat intelligence domain.  

Shu En Liew, Manager of Corporate Communications at Kaspersky emphasized, “It is a pleasure to receive the Product Excellence Leadership Award by Sceptertech Digital under the threat Intelligence domain for 2022. This honor encourages our team to continue pursuing excellence by validating our efforts in the global cybersecurity market. With our cutting-edge advanced technology solutions, our customers can enjoy a safe and private Internet experience without compromising the performance of computer and mobile devices. Kaspersky’s knowledge, experience, and deep intelligence on every aspect of cybersecurity have made us the trusted partner of the world’s premier law enforcement and government agencies.”  

  “During this evaluation process, we had detailed and in-depth interactions with the Sceptertech Digital team. The team was thorough in their primary research and crisp in their technical discussions. We are extremely happy to get a chance to work with such an energetic team. We wish Sceptertech Digital huge success in years to come,” she concluded.   

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