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Juniper Networks has revealed a new Cloud Metro solution!

Juniper Networks has revealed a new Cloud Metro solution!
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The innovation behind Cloud Metro, a new class of service provider solutions tailored for metro transformation and long-term business growth, was unveiled by Juniper Networks. Traditional “retro” metro networks are device-centric and are collapsing under the extreme scale, agility, and experience demand brought on by widespread digital transformation and the introduction of 5G services.

While enabling service providers to continue growing their profitable businesses, these systems will provide significantly reduced natural resource consumption capabilities to help the environment, improved tools and simplified working methods to help sustain overworked operations teams, embedded service assurance, and security capabilities to optimize service experience, and more.

With Juniper, service providers can streamline daily workflows, deploy services more quickly (device onboarding takes minutes as opposed to hours), decrease trouble tickets, and hasten the restoration of services and, consequently, revenue). This increases productivity significantly, allowing network engineers and operators to accomplish more, which is critical for employee satisfaction and retention.

The new solutions can cut the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 71%. They accomplish this by utilizing the most recent generation of silicon, the most innovative system architecture in the industry, and AI-enabled device onboarding as a service.

Brendan Gibbs, Senior Vice President of Automated WAN Solutions, Juniper Networks said, “By extending our proven AI solution to the service provider WAN, we can improve productivity for customer operations teams by dramatically reducing trouble tickets and increasing network availability. And our extended ACX7000 Family delivers the most secure, assured, scalable and intelligent Cloud Metro portfolio on the market. This is the answer to service provider needs for a sustainable future for their profits, their people and the planet.”

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