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JUMP Global Technology Advisors And IronNet Announced Strategic Initiative To Protect The Entertainment Industry From Cyber Attacks

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The IT procurement firm JUMP Global Technology Advisors (GTA) and IronNet Inc. have announced a collaboration to protect the entertainments sector against cyber attacks.  Acknowledging that the defense of the electric system, the financial sector, and other sectors of the nation is as important to economic prosperity, JumpGTA and IronNet bring advanced threats to this integral industry, and a real-time exchange of attack intelligence.

JUMP GTA and IronNet will work together to support the Entertainment Collective Defense Communities to enable stakeholders, through the automated anonymous attack intelligence and crowd threat information, to share visibility and quicker reaction to cyber attacks among community members. The aim is to empower the entertainment industry to defend itself as a unified front to prevent threats of hackers, organised cyber criminals and national opponents which are harmful and difficult to identify.

“In light of rampant cyber campaigns hitting all industries, including ransomware attacks, there is an urgency to change the entertainment sector’s defense playbook to ensure that companies can operate in a secure digital environment – without costly disruptions and risk to intellectual property,” said Walter Thurmond III, Managing Director.

Collective Defense Community of IronNet uses the IronDefense solution for AI-based Network Detection and Reaction (NDR) as well as its embedded systems that rate and prioritise warnings and built-in hunting services for detecting new and unidentified cyber attacks.

Maj. General (Ret.) Brett Williams, Co-founder, IronNet said, “It does not make sense for the entertainment sector, or any industry, to wait for the next major attack when we have the tools to see unknown threats and a new way of defending together. I am pleased to be part of the JUMP GTA and IronNet initiative to deliver Collective Defense to this crucial sector.”

JUMP Managing Partner & CEO Aric Ackerman said, “Our partnership with IronNet will allow us to ensure that no company has to continue defending alone, especially against attacks that threaten the entertainment sector as a whole.”

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