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ioSafe 1522+ protects data from fire and water 

ioSafe 1522+ protects data from fire and water 
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The ioSafe 1522+ is a five-bay network attached storage (NAS) system that ioSafe has developed for companies of all sizes, including those with remote locations in areas that are prone to fire and flooding. ioSafe, a leading provider of data protection solutions, announced the launch of their latest product, the ioSafe 1522+. This innovative device is designed to help organizations protect their valuable data from the devastating effects of fire and water damage. 

Randal Barber, CEO of ioSafe parent company CDSG commented, “The 1522+ is the next proof point in our commitment to delivering the world’s most innovative and effective fireproof and waterproof data protection solutions. This powerful device helps businesses and government agencies, media companies, and creative professionals restore enormous amounts of data faster than ever after a disaster, ensuring as little disruption to their businesses as possible.” 

For both large and small businesses across all industries, including those with remote facilities, the ioSafe 1522+ is a versatile, all-in-one solution. The brand-new ioSafe 1522+ is now accessible. The devices come with a two-year hardware warranty as well as two years of data recovery service for devices with factory-installed and verified drives. 

  • Its AMD dual-core processor is perfect for taxing business settings. 
  • The 1522+ is perfect for a variety of storage environment tasks, including running virtual machines and data server applications for a department or an entire business. It comes standard with 8GB of configurable RAM and is upgradeable to 32GB. 
  • A new optional 10GbE network port for the quickest access and performance is available on ioSafe NAS devices. In addition, link aggregation for high throughput and failover support is made possible by the four 1 GbE LAN ports. 
  • The trusted Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), which offers on-site or cloud-integrated backup, data encryption, data sharing, synchronization, and surveillance, is only available with the 1522+. 

Tom Wynkoop, Hardware Support Supervisor, Astra Practice Partners stated, “I have seen an ioSafe device perform above expectations in a live-fire situation in Portland, Oregon, where a dental practice suffered the complete loss of building and equipment. We extracted the drive, performed a 100% recovery, and had the practice back in business the following day. ioSafe products perform, surviving both extremes: the fire itself and the fire department’s water when extinguishing the fire.” 

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