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Intigriti Raised €21 Million to Help Ethical Hackers

Intigriti Ethical Hackers
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Intigriti integrates over 15,000 ethical hackers from 130 countries with businesses to test and improve their security. Through continuous pen-testing, bug bounty, and asset monitoring solutions. Intigriti transforms traditional testing techniques into a more flexible and data-driven approach. This method represents the evolution of security testing and is better suited to today’s dynamic environment.

Intigriti has managed to grow by 650 per cent since its initial funding round in 2020, establishing itself as the European pioneer and the world’s fastest-growing crowdsourced security platform. Integriti has sealed the largest funding round for a crowdsourced security platform in Europe, raising €21,133,700 million in a Series B round. Octopus Ventures, one of Europe’s largest investors, led the round. EnBW New Ventures, based out of Germany, is also a participant in the round, as is ETF Partners, a previous investor and Intigriti’s largest shareholder. Intigriti’s sole financial adviser was Results.

Stijn Jans, CEO at Intigriti said, “We anticipate crowdsourced security to be a default career option for talented cybersecurity graduates by 2026, surpassing consultancy in popularity. While the remote working culture introduced new security risks, it also provided companies with the opportunity to work with international talent that was previously out of reach.”

Intigriti has released its ‘hybrid pentest’ offering to help with the transition from traditional consulting to the new way of working. Companies will be able to work with selected researchers in individual engagements within an agreed-upon timeframe but at a result-based rate, similar to bug bounty programs. The hybrid pentest, just like all Intigriti offerings, will include triage services, a critical in-house validation process that ensures clients only receive valid, unique, and in scope vulnerability reports. Penetration testers who tried out the new service earned more than €100,000 during a successful pilot phase that led to the release.

Holger Wagner, Investment Director at EnBW New Ventures, commented, “Critical infrastructures are subject to change in the context of digitalisation. Here we still see a lot of potential in the area of security solutions and their utilisation. Technology won’t be the only answer, it is a combination with the intelligence of the crowd.”

Remy de Tonnac, Partner, ETF partners stated, “Intigriti’s commitment to a more sustainable and secure world is incredibly inspiring and we’re proud to support the business on the next phase of this tremendous journey. As the team has demonstrated over the years, ethical hackers are the future. This large and talented pool of cyber experts is perfectly positioned to address the needs of a sustainable economy by future-proofing critical sectors such as smart cities, IoT systems, smart grids, autonomous vehicles, and the sharing economy.”

Paul Davidson, Investor at Octopus Ventures stated, “Cybersecurity companies can create a certain level of automation, but human intelligence still ranks ahead when it comes to identifying security threats. Intigriti has developed a differentiated platform proposition that enables the brightest minds in security to detect the broadest and most critical set of risks. We believe this team can drive this fast-growing category forward with their modern and data-compliant approach.”

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