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Integreon CyberHawk-AI detects patterns in frequently compromised data 

Integreon CyberHawk-AI detects patterns in frequently compromised data 
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Integreon has announced the creation of CyberHawk-AI, a cutting-edge automated technology that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the process of extracting and analyzing sensitive data following cyber breaches. To minimize the manual effort required to prepare for breach notification, this technology will be incorporated into their cyber response workflow. 

Subroto Mukerji, CEO of Integreon “This groundbreaking technology helps Integreon better address our clients’ concerns and demands, advances the tech-enablement of our services, and drives greater innovation. As technology and our industry continue to evolve, we will lead the way and maintain the high quality of services that we are known for.” 

Integreon has also announced a collaboration with RadarFirst to provide consistent, actionable breach notification guidance for all applicable regulations. Integreon’s CyberHawk-AI is a machine learning-based BoT that is designed to speed up the review of potentially compromised data while improving accuracy and overall efficiency. 

Integreon’s i-Lab technology enablement team created this solution, which learns and identifies patterns of compromised information. The BoT identifies these patterns and automates the first pass review of documents for personally identifiable information. 

Integreon can reduce turnaround times while ensuring accuracy by using automated first-pass review, followed by next-level review and quality checks performed by cyber review experts. This new software is the first to use machine learning, human-in-the-loop (HITL), and a reinforced training module in the cyber incident response space. 

Don India, CEO of RadarFirst stated, “The integration of RadarFirst’s industry-leading privacy incident management solution with Integreon’s CyberHawk-AI technology has created a powerful, end-to-end solution solving for the growing demands on global privacy teams. 

RadarFirst and Integreon both understand the complexities of data breach resolution and are committed to streamlining incident management. This is a natural partnership where we will be able to increase accessibility to our solution – helping organizations of all sizes accelerate efficiency and build customer trust.” 

Previously, significant time and resources were expended on data analysis in order to determine compliance with regulatory jurisdictions. Because it reduces manual effort significantly, law firms will be able to take on more client work while avoiding resource shortages. Because of the significant cost savings, insurance companies are promoting its use. 

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