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Immersive Lab trains for real-world cyber-attacks!

Immersive Lab trains for real-world cyber-attacks
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Immersive Lab trains their teams for real-world cyber-attacks. Immersive Labs, a start-up that helps companies test and improves their entire workforce’s cyber capabilities, today announced the release of technical multiplayer simulations, which include scenarios for both offensive and defensive teams in complicated environments. This feature will allow security teams to use their own toolkits for a more meaningful and better hands-on experience. The simulations are powered by Immersive Labs’ award-winning Cyber Workforce Optimization technology, which assesses and enhances a company’s cyber readiness and resilience.

James Hadley, CEO of Immersive Labs said, “The success of an organization’s cyber crisis response is predicated on being well-prepared. As we have seen, it can be the difference between successfully addressing an issue and a share price collapse. Coupled with the pace of the threat landscape, this means regular training for a broad range of stakeholders outside of just technical and security teams is important. This is exactly what Cyber Crisis Simulator has been designed for.”

Cyber Team Sim is an innovative feature that allows corporations to train their teams for the real-world cyber- attacks by allowing them to practice in complicated and realistic virtual scenarios on a regular basis, to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. Immersive Labs’ acquisition of Snap Labs in 2021, which provided the technology to generate sophisticated custom virtual environments on-demand, is supporting the new simulations. New scenarios are being produced to model the latest vulnerabilities and equip employees to protect against emerging attacks.

The Immersive Labs platform assists security and senior leadership in identifying skill gaps and opportunities to improve judgment in a variety of scenarios so that flaws can be addressed before real-world attacks. The team, which is now available, contains a technical task analysis and a collaboration evaluation between the red and blue teams.

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