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Google announces a new layer of protection for safeguarding the business load of Google Cloud!

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Google is adding a new layer of protection to protect the business load of Google Cloud. It’s called Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD), and it will help select customers at the Security Command Center to find a computer-friendly crypto mining system within their virtual machines.

A new addition to GCP’s Security Command Center

Security Command Center is Google Cloud’s centralized risk management and control platform, which allows administrators to list their cloud assets and identify faulty fixes, risks, and threats, and help maintain compliance based on industry standards and standards.

It even allows them to respond and fix problems identified.

Premium tier platform customers have the added bonus of being able to use the threat detection suite, to date including Threatened Discovery (detects malicious program, powerful SSH, data extraction, account breach attempts, changes in 2-step verification. Settings, etc.) and Receiving the Threat of the Vessel (detects container runtime exposure such as malicious scripts or additional binaries).

About the Acquisition of Visible Threatening Machine

“At Compute Engine, we wanted to see if we could collect signals to help us detect threats without requiring our customers to use additional software. Not using an agent within their example means less operational impact, reducing agent workload and management, and exposing a less aggressive target area for potential enemies, ”explains Timothy Peacock, Product Manager at Google Cloud, explains.

“In the coming months as we move VMTD into general availability, you can expect to see a continuous release of new search capabilities and integration with other parts of Google Cloud,” Peacock concludes.

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