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GitGuardian Introduced New Features to Help Developers Reduce Risk!

GitGuardian Introduced New Features to Help Developers Reduce Risk!
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GitGuardian has released several new features aimed at improving the developer experience and protecting the software development lifecycle. GitGuardian has dubbed the “Application Security Shared Responsibility Model” to lower the risks of secrets being exposed during the software development lifecycle. The organization assists security teams in working together with development teams to address a variety of current vulnerabilities and guard against new ones in the future. GitGuardian is using the issue of secret sprawl as a chance to dismantle organizational divisions and integrate security into the software development lifecycle by focusing on the developer experience. 

GitGuardian includes ggshield, an open-source command-line interface (CLI) designed for developers, on top of an integrated platform. Many developer groups have embraced ggshield, which assists thousands of developers and DevOps engineers in keeping confidential information out of source code. It currently saves security teams countless hours in the investigation, remediation, and expensive paperwork by preventing secrets from leaving developers’ workstations and being exposed. 

GitGuardian introduced a developer onboarding experience with an automated API key provisioning mechanism alongside a browser-based authentication flow for ggshield (GitGuardian CLI), removing all barriers to enterprise adoption. GitGuardian is helping large organizations deploy secret detection and remediation on perimeters consisting of thousands of developers. Deeper interaction with GitHub to show the outcomes of security scans in the context of pull requests and give developers specialized repair instructions. To enable preventive secret scanning (also known as push protection) on GitHub Enterprise and GitLab self-hosted instances, a simpler configuration of ggshield (GitGuardian CLI) for pre-receive hooks is required. Administrators of version control systems can now set up a single deployment to deploy blocking checks for all incoming contributions to code. 

The DevOps and cloud-native era is rife with security flaws, particularly hardcoded credentials, and poor secret management procedures.  

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