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Gigamon Partners With Sumo Logic for Enterprise Security

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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Gigamon has announced that its ThreatINSIGHT Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution and Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline will be integrated with Sumo Logic. Sumo Logic is the SaaS analytics platform that enables reliable and secure cloud-native applications.

The integration of industry-leading platforms will help optimize cloud performance in containing the rising costs of data exchange and storage while enabling enterprise IT organizations to leverage the power of deep observability to simplify hybrid cloud deployment management and improve overall security posture.

Michael Dickman, chief product officer at Gigamon, stated, “Security blind spots and performance challenges are unfortunately common in many hybrid cloud deployments today. Gigamon Hawk, ThreatINSIGHT, and Sumo Logic combine to help IT organizations assure security and compliance governance while lowering the operational overhead of managing hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.”

The two key issues facing modern cloud infrastructures are their growing complexity resulting from speeding up digital transformation and the blind spots brought on by disparate tools dispersed across hybrid cloud infrastructures. The Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline integration with Sumo Logic will help deliver rich network context and attributes of all network traffic to visualize and identify rogue activities such as P2P traffic and crypto mining that compromise security and performance.

Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT NDR enables Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM with faster triage and simplified investigation efforts, strengthening security across the environment with relevant and rich contextual data.

Sumo Logic is the cloud-native backbone that secures and protects against modern threats while also providing insights into cloud infrastructures, allowing enterprises to maximize the value of their existing AWS investments. Sumo Logic was awarded AWS ISV Partner of the Year, recognizing its performance and dedication to assisting enterprises in driving innovation on AWS.

John Coyle, senior vice president of strategic alliances at Sumo Logic, commented, “This collaboration with Gigamon reflects the common goal of enabling our customers to make data-driven decisions, in real-time, to improve the security and operational efficiency of their cloud deployments. Gaining deep observability into all data in motion is the key to reaping the benefits of a secure, resilient digital infrastructure.”

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