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GE HealthCare and Ordr collaborate to secure clinical assets 

GE HealthCare and Ordr collaborate to secure clinical assets 
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Ordr, a cybersecurity company that specializes in securing industrial control systems, has announced a partnership with GE Healthcare to secure clinical assets. The partnership will focus on protecting the medical devices and equipment used in healthcare facilities from cyber threats

The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of the sensitive nature of the information it handles and the increased use of connected medical devices. The partnership with GE Healthcare will allow Ordr to provide its clients with a comprehensive solution for securing clinical assets and protecting patient data

Jim Hyman, CEO of Ordr commented, “Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on GE HealthCare’s CARESCAPE networks to host critical patient care devices. It is of the utmost importance that these networks—and everything connected to them—remain secure and operating at peak efficiency. 

The deep integration of the Ordr platform with the GE HealthCare CARESCAPE network will help give healthcare organizations comprehensive clinical asset visibility, security and performance capabilities they need to optimize and protect their environment of care.” 

GE Healthcare, a leading provider of medical equipment and technology, is equally excited about the partnership. “We recognize the importance of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry and are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of protection,” said GE Healthcare CEO, John Flannery. “Our partnership with Ordr will allow us to offer our customers a complete solution for securing clinical assets and protecting patient data.” 

The partnership will focus on providing healthcare providers with a comprehensive solution for securing clinical assets, including medical devices, equipment, and networks. This will include the use of Ordr’s technology to identify and mitigate cyber threats, as well as providing training and support to healthcare staff to ensure they are able to effectively use the technology. 

In addition to securing clinical assets, the partnership will also focus on protecting patient data. This will include the use of encryption and other security measures to ensure that patient data is kept confidential and secure. 

Overall, the partnership between Ordr and GE Healthcare is a significant step forward in the efforts to secure the healthcare industry from cyber threats. With the increasing use of connected medical devices and the sensitive nature of the information handled by healthcare providers, the need for effective cybersecurity solutions has never been greater. This partnership will provide healthcare providers with the tools they need to protect patient data and ensure the safe and effective operation of medical devices. 

Alla K. Woodson, GE HealthCare’s Global GM, Patient Care Solutions – Services & Consumables stated, “Empowering biomedical technicians, clinical engineers, and hospital IT with easy-to-use tools aimed at improving self-managed network security, productivity, and equipment uptime is key to enhancing critical patient care. 

This network performance and security solution brings together the technology and scale of our two organizations to help ensure that our customers have visibility and access to actionable insights.” 

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