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FiveBy and Microsoft Collaborated Against Fraud-Related Attacks

FiveBy and Microsoft Insider Security
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FiveBy and Microsoft have announced a new partnership that combines managed service offerings with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. Organizations across many industries are seeing an increase in fraud incidents that impact revenue with little warning and frequently necessitate unplanned resources to respond.

FiveBy’s expertise in fraud management, combined with Microsoft’s adaptive AI technology, provides customers with a comprehensive solution for defending against the ongoing threat of fraud-related attacks while improving accuracy and acceptance rates. This collaboration allows organizations to identify and reduce fraud costs while freeing up critical resources for investments, innovation, and growth.

Alex Kochis, President & Founder of FiveBy stated, “As long-time specialists in this field, FiveBy has not come across a fraud detection and insights solution nearly as robust and accurate as Microsoft’s fraud protection tool. We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers an opportunity to get ahead of ever-changing fraud trends at a speed and operational efficiency that hasn’t been available until now.”

Customers can identify trends in fraud and loss issues and take action to prevent them faster and more accurately with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection’s ability to continuously learn evolving fraud patterns. This feature also offers a comprehensive view of the fraud landscape. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection provides three key capabilities that can be integrated as part of a larger solution or provided separately as needed.

It offers purchase protection that rejects fraudulent transactions while accepting legitimate purchases more accurately, preserving and even improving revenue and customer satisfaction. It also accounts for security to combat account takeovers, bogus account creation, and user account abuse. Organizations can use loss prevention to identify anomalies that may indicate fraud trends in off-line behavior or for batch analysis.

Donald Kossmann, Distinguished Engineer & General Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, commented, “Fraudsters are sophisticated and continually seek vulnerabilities to exploit. However, most of our customers are not fraud experts, nor are they staffed with large teams of skilled fraud analysts and investigators. Therefore, we are working with FiveBy Solutions to deliver a comprehensive solution that enables our customers to stay ahead in the race against fraudsters.”

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