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Fastly Announces Partnership with HUMAN

Fastly Announces Partnership with HUMAN
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Fastly, an American cloud computing services provider, recently collaborated with HUMAN, a leading cybersecurity company, to protect customers against fraud and account abuse. This partnership is also aimed at offering bot protection and reducing cyber-attacks.

Fastly is a global programmable edge cloud that enables clients to address issues using the tools of their choice. It offers first- and third-party products in security, edge computing, network services, and observability. Fastly’s WAF offers a solution with a variety of deployment choices, flexibility, and tooling interfaces. Following its integration with HUMAN, customers will have access to all the advantages of Fastly’s WAF combined with HUMAN’s bot cleanup and prevention features.

Lakshmi Sharma, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Fastly, said, “In response to the rapid growth of bot-based cyberattacks, it was imperative for Fastly to offer our customers a world-class bot detection solution to complement our Signal Sciences-powered Next-Gen WAF. HUMAN will not only help safeguard Fastly customers from bot attacks and fraud, but also help increase ROI while decreasing data contamination and cybersecurity exposure. Together with HUMAN, we’re helping our valued customers protect what matters most: their users and their assets.”

Automated online attacks, commonly referred to as “bot attacks,” can seriously harm a company’s financial line and ruin digital experiences. Today, bots are responsible for three out of every four online attacks, including account theft, money fraud, content manipulation, etc. Bad bots make up at least 25% of all internet traffic, consuming resources and overwhelming companies. In order to deal with this threat, HUMAN uses defense to confirm the humanity of over 15 trillion interactions per week for some of the biggest businesses and online platforms.

Tamer Hassan, Co-Founder and CEO at HUMAN, said, “We look forward to deploying our modern defenses – including internet observability, collective protection, and actionable threat intelligence – to complement Fastly’s sophisticated security suite, resulting in fully protected customers.”

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