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Evergreen Services Group Enters MSSP Market With Agreement to Acquire VirtualArmour

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Evergreen Services Group, a family of leading managed IT services firms said that it has signed a deal to buy VirtualArmour with acquisition of all assets under management

Evergreen Services Group, a family of leading managed IT services firms said that it has signed a deal to buy VirtualArmour with acquisition of all assets under management. VirtualArmour is a leading worldwide managed security services provider (MSSP). The deal is likely to finish in the second quarter or early in the third quarter of 2021, after which the firm will operate independently under its current leadership team, led by CEO Russ Armbrust.

Jeff Totten, Evergreen’s CEO said, “We are excited to expand our cybersecurity capabilities by joining forces with VirtualArmour,” “From our first interaction, we were impressed by Russ, the VirtualArmour team and the company they have built. We look forward to partnering with the VirtualArmour team to bring a comprehensive managed cybersecurity offering to Evergreen’s customers.”

“Evergreen is a proven growth partner which will bring long-term vision and resources to support our growth while we continue independent operations. Evergreen will enable us to continue providing great service to our customers while we expand our capabilities in furtherance of our mission to be the industry’s leading provider of managed security services,” said Armbrust.

Evergreen sees VirtualArmour as a way to improve its capabilities in the fast developing cybersecurity services industry, which is highly complementary to Evergreen’s MSP offering. VirtualArmour manages the whole security lifecycle, from initial assessment through implementation and remediation, through its Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) offering, professional services, and best-in-class cybersecurity capabilities.

“VirtualArmour’s success stems from our absolute dedication to client satisfaction and world-class service. With Evergreen’s investment, we are further affirmed in the quality of our company, our team, and our abilities as a premier cybersecurity managed services provider. It will be exciting to continue building VirtualArmour with our new partner Evergreen!” said CTO Andrew Douthwaite.

“With the ever-increasing importance of cybersecurity for all businesses, we knew we wanted to find an MSSP to partner with, and we think VirtualArmour is a perfect fit. We’re excited to support VirtualArmour in growing its business alongside our MSPs and expanding the company’s partner program,” said Ramsey Sahyoun, Evergreen’s Head of M&A.

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