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Endace launches EndaceFlow to secure clients from insider threats! 

Endace launches EndaceFlow to secure clients from insider threats! 
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

NetFlow offers a high-level view of network traffic and other information, while continuous packet capture provides detail and granularity of that data. Together, the technologies deliver the information required for faster, definitive incident response and resolution. 

Endace is an organization that helps manage critical data networks launched EndaceFlow, a high-performance NetFlow Generator that supports end-to-end visibility for cybersecurity and network performance monitoring. While continuous packet capture enables detail and granularity of that data, NetFlow provides a high-level view of network traffic and additional information. The technologies work together to give the data needed for an incident response and resolution that is swift and accurate. 

EndaceVisionTM and EndaceProbeTM Analytics Platform integration allow EndaceFlow to provide customers with advantages such as an accurate full-stream performance on even the fastest networks, generating 1:1 unsampled NetFlow from 40Gbps of network traffic; removing the complex task of generating NetFlow from switches, routers, and firewalls and avoids jeopardizing the effectiveness and core functions of these appliances; a 100% accurate summary of every conversation or flow on your network; Compatible with leading NetFlow collectors, such as Plixer ScrutinizerTM, Progress Flowmon®, Cisco Secure Network Analytics® (previously Cisco Stealthwatch®), and others. Secure, with optional TLS-encrypted NetFlow creation. 

Cary Wright, Endace VP of the product stated, “Teams need to see both the network summary and the transaction details when responding to incidents. Combining 1:1 unsampled NetFlow with the granular data of continuous packet capture empowers SecOps and NetOps teams to more quickly and accurately uncover network or performance trends, and identify and respond to threats and network issues.  

“Being able to quickly identify, and then go directly to the packets of interest, gives teams an advantage against network attacks.”, Wright continued. 

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