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Elevate Security launched a new SaaS offering to its cyber risk intelligence capabilities

Elevate Security launched a new SaaS offering to its cyber risk intelligence capabilities
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Elevate Security launched a new SaaS offering building on Elevate’s cyber risk intelligence capabilities to deliver risk assessments, visibility to company-wide internal cyber risk, and the ability to deliver risk-adjusted security controls at the individual worker level. Elevate offers a comprehensive user risk analysis that is based on millions of independent data points. 

The need for aggressive management of internal threats is now gaining prominence, even though many organizations have implemented external security measures. With the current spikes in ransomware, malware, and supply chain attacks making headlines, several recent research reports identify worker risk as the new primary reason behind cyberattacks. 

Robert Fly, CEO at Elevate stated, “The inspiration for Elevate’s unique approach grew out of our own frustration identifying and deterring high risk workers. Our customers are now benefiting across security operations, governance and risk management, insurance, and strategy. Today’s announcement helps further address growing customer demand with easy to implement out-of-the-box solutions tailored for specific situations and cyber maturity levels.” 

Elevate reduces workforce risk by integrating data feeds from different parts of the company and outside sources to generate a unique risk score for each employee, which works a lot like a credit score. 

An ever-evolving Human Risk Score is created by combining risk factors like employee susceptibility to phishing, sensitive data handling, safe browsing, and password management with demographics and other traits. 

Elevate’s Human Risk Score can influence every aspect of an organization’s security posture, from zero trust to data protection and more, thanks to its close integration with security controls. 

Controls can then be tailored to each individual’s risk level, ensuring that the entire workforce is productive while also safeguarding high-risk individuals, the organization, and itself from employee-predator attacks. 

The Elevate platform was developed to address unintentional user risk: 

  • predicts when and how attackers will target risky users by identifying them 
  • uses risk-based safety measures to keep them and the company safe 
  • automates giving managers and users personalized feedback 
  • The idea for Elevate’s distinctive approach originated from our own 

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